A different lens

How virtual experience of swapped gender roles can change social understanding  

Towards a stronger health system in Nepal

UN Volunteer Erick Vladescu Ayirwanda on volunteering to strengthen the health system in Nepal and improve access to health services  

Helping people rebuild their lives: The rewards of volunteerism

UN Volunteer Sudarshan Ghimire recounts insights and lessons from his time working in earthquake-ravaged Sindhupalchowk, helping locals demolish damaged homes and manage debris  

Mutual cultural exchange through volunteering

Katja Vauhkonen, a UNV who has been engaged in institutionalizing and promoting Gender Equality and Social Inclusion, describes her experiences of living and working in a wholly different culture  

Volunteers building e-governance in Nepal

As an ICT expert serving in the Local Governance and Community Development Programme-II, UN Volunteer Avilash Chakrawarti has been using his skills to widen the online touch points between local…  

Technical skills to build a stronger Nepal

Prajina Karmacharya, an architect, is working as UN Volunteer in UNDP, using her expertise in architecture to help rebuild different community infrastructures and livelihoods in districts that were…  

Volunteering to restore community infrastructure and livelihoods in the shadow of disaster

UN Volunteer Amit Bista writes of his experiences working with affected communities as part of UNDP's response and recovery efforts  

Business coalition for the SDGs: Call to action

A growing private sector, profitability and the SDGs are naturally aligned and essential in meeting the high cost of the SDGs  

Science and sense to seismic risk reduction

In many parts of the world, people have a fatalistic attitude to hazards and risks, sometimes claiming acts of god when disaster strikes. But when we examine how hazards turn into disasters, the…  

Two Years on, Reflections on the Nepal Earthquake and the Humanitarian Response

ooking back at the earthquake the challenging issue of assessing the response to it comes from all sides. Is the Government up to it? Has the UN risen to the challenge? Are NGOs doing enough?  

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