National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan

Project background

Timor-Leste is a small country situated in a transition zone, known as Wallacea. It harbours a number of globally significant ecosystems and endemic species. The biodiversity of TimorLeste is large and unique, however it is poorly studied and there is very limited baseline information. 

Project activities

  • Conduct a comprehensive stocktaking and assessment of existing information on biodiversity in Timor-Leste and identify the capacity gaps (institutional and human) for biodiversity management 
  • Based on stocktaking analysis implement a participatory, strategic planning process and develop priorities for action in protecting Timor-Leste’s biodiversity culminating in a NBSAP; 
  • Conduct a public information campaign to encourage participation in the strategic planning exercises; and 
  • Prepare the first and third National Report for submission to the COP. 
  • Establish an operational CHM to support the implementation of NBSAP 

Project results

  • Production of a National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan for Conservation and Sustainable Use of Biodiversity aligned to meet CBD obligations 
  • Preparation of Timor-Leste’s First & Third National Report to CBD COP2 
  • Establishment of an operational CHM 

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