Crisis Prevention and Recovery
  • Understanding and Strengthening Resilience for Peace in Timor-Leste Jun 15, 2016Understanding and Strengthening Resilience for Peace in Timor-LesteQualitative consultations with communities at the district capital level identified four key elements of resilience: (i) Culture: Traditional non-violent conflict resolution mechanism; (ii) Leadership: relation between state and citizens; (iii) Religions: Religious peace messages; (iii) Law and Security: Law as a tool to promote and guarantee justice for all.

  • Mar 1, 2012Guide to Facilitating Dialogue and Mediation in the Community (Tetum)This guide is designed for facilitators working with communities on mediation and dialogue initiatives. Available in Tetum only.

Our work in Crisis Prevention and Recovery

The lingering impact of Timor-Leste’s history of conflict and upheaval, as well as the habitual and increasing volatility of climatic events leaves the country vulnerable to crises that can upend both stability and progress. UNDP’s endeavors support national and regional efforts to prevent and reduce the impact of natural disasters, avert violence, assist in recovery from sudden crisis and bridge the gap between humanitarian response and development work.

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