Biomass Project Fact Sheet

Published on 12 May 2016 1 page

Biomass Project Fact Sheet

The biomass project is a four-year program contributing to the reduction of greenhouse emissions through removal of barriers to sustainable production and utilization of biomass resources in Timor-Leste and application of biomass energy technologies to support local economic, environmental and social development.

The objective of the project will be achieved through enhancing the capacity of all relevant public and private stakeholders, developing policy and legal bioenergy frameworks for the promotion of energy efficient and low carbon end-use appliances and scaling up of 20,000 improved cook stoves (ICS) in the country. 

The project will assist the Government of TimorLeste in mainstreaming sustainable biomass energy in policy formulation and consequently help in mitigating the national emission of greenhouse gases resulting from deforestation and the use of non-renewable biomass. The project will help to increase Timor-Leste’s access to clean bioenergy and also create employment through inclusive businesses.

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