Millenium Development Goals

  • The Millennium Development Goals , Timor-Leste, 2009Mar 1, 2009The Millennium Development Goals , Timor-Leste, 2009This report gives a detailed account of Timor-Leste's progress in terms of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and identifies what actions need to be taken for each Goal.

  • Timor-Leste Millennium Development Goals Report 2004Feb 1, 2004Timor-Leste Millennium Development Goals Report 2004This 2004 report outlines the most relevant preliminary targets and indicators. The report is Timor-Leste’s first attempt to take stock of the status of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in the country, post-independence in 2002.

  • RDTL Millennium Development Goals 2010Jun 1, 2010RDTL Millennium Development Goals 2010Summarises the progress of the previous three years, outlining the key advances made, the challenges remaining in terms of each MDG Goal and further actions needed to meet these goals.

  • Update on MDG-F Activities, 2012Dec 31, 2012Update on MDG-F Activities, 2012The third update on activities of the two Joint Programmes and the Focus Country initiatives funded by the Millennium Development Goals Achievement Trust Fund (MDG-F) and implemented by the UN system in Timor-Leste.

  • Timor‐Leste MDG‐F Case Study Evaluation, 2012Nov 23, 2012Timor‐Leste MDG‐F Case Study Evaluation, 2012A participatory case study of the Promoting Sustainable Food and Nutrition Security in Timor‐Leste programme (November 2009 – March 2013) and the Supporting Gender Equality and Women’s Rights in Timor‐Leste programme (December 2008 – August 2012).

  • Summary Report, Consultation on Post 2015-MDGs Jan 31, 2013Summary Report, Consultation on Post 2015-MDGsThis report details consultations on post-2015 MDGs in Timor-Leste which were conducted by the Ministry of Finance and UN agencies. Consultations were held in December 2012 and January 2013.