Justice begins 2011 outreach in Oecusse

Mar 23, 2011

Oesilo – More than 250 local residents from Oesilo, in Oecusse attended the Ministry of Justice’s (MoJ) first 2011 outreach meeting held today.

The Vice Minister of Justice, Ivo Valente, opened the Taking Justice to the People (Lori justisa to’o ba povu) meeting.

Participants at the meeting were given information about the 2010 domestic violence law, land and property issues, human rights, citizenship and new border passes currently being trialed for people in Bobonaro district.

During question time, participants asked the panel about human rights, the domestic violence law, land disputes, foreign ownership of land, the effect of globalization on the local economy, and immigration.

Immaculada Kelu from Bobemeto village, Oesilo, asked the speakers to explain human rights to local people.

“In Oesilo, some people understand human rights. But there are others who do not understand about human rights and that causes domestic violence and sexual assaults to occur. Those who commit violent acts, they don’t understand about the domestic violence law or about sexual assault,” she said.

MoJ directors and staff from the departments of Notary and Civil Registry Services, Land and Property, and Human Rights and Citizenship were on the meeting panel, along with senior staff from the Secretary of State for Gender Equality (SEPI), the Oecusse district administrator and the local PNTL commander.

The Ministry of Justice will organise four additional community outreach sessions in sub-districts around the country in the first half of 2011.

UNDP’s Justice System Programme (JSP) supports the MoJ, by providing advisors and technical support in the areas of human rights, access to justice, public information, land and property, civil registry services and IT.

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