Election Security Workshop in Gleno and Baucau

Feb 28, 2017

The UNDP “Strengthening Governance and Service Delivery project of PNTL” supported PNTL’s district command in Ermera in conducting a workshop on election security on 28 February 2017 in Gleno, Ermera. The theme of the workshop was “Hametin Unidade no Asegura Estabilidade Eleisaun 2017 iha Municipiu Ermera (Strengthening Unity and Guarantee the Stability for 2017 Election in Ermera Municipality)”. The workshop was realized through the coordination of PNTL Command, the Catholic parishes in Ermera, and UNDP, with the support of the Government of Japan.

The workshop had about 300 participants comprising 52 suco chiefs, youth groups, students and at least three participants from every political party representing Ermera. There were about 12 political parties present, including ASDT, CASDT, CNRT, FRETILIN, FRENTI MUDANSA, KHUNTO, PD, PEP, PDN, PLP, PSD and UDT. The workshop was officially opened by the PNTL Commander General, President of Ermera Municipality, Acting Commissioner for National Commission for Election (CNE) in Ermera, a Japanese Embassy representative, UNDP representative, and PNTL Commander of the PNTL district command in Ermera. 

The main objective of the workshop was to raise awareness of the importance of election security before, during and after the 2017 presidential and parliamentarian election in Ermera Municipal. To this end, emphasis was placed on strengthening unity and stability.  The workshop encouraged all political parties to conduct their political campaigns and rallies for the presidential and parliamentarian elections in a peaceful manner and in accordance to the electoral laws, upholding public order and safety.

The workshop resulted in a Unity Pact signed by all the political parties represented in Ermera, which aims to uphold peace and security in the municipality before, during and after the president and parliamentarian elections.

This workshop followed another successful Election Security workshop organized by the Baucau PNTL district command with the support of UNDP held on 27 – 28 January 2017. Approximately 500 people participated in the Baucau workshop, consisting of 200 students, Suco Chiefs, Suco youth representatives and youth groups in Baucau as well as some influential veterans. A peace march was also held during the Baucau workshop to raise community awareness of the importance of peaceful elections.  

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