UNDP provides leadership training for local Suco youth representatives

Dec 11, 2017

On 11 December, UNDP Knua Juventude Fila-Liman (KJFL) conducted a one-day training on youth training program in Dili for Youth Suco Council members and youth representatives.

The Suco Councils, headed by the Suco Chief, play an important role in mobilizing local communities to implement projects of collective interest, preserving peace and social stability, mediating disputes and conflicts, and contributing indelibly to improving living conditions of the population and socio-economic progress.

In partnership with Youth Leadership Development Program (YLDP), a youth-based organization, this training aims to (i) provide basic understanding about community leadership to the newly elected ‘delegada and delegado’ together with Suco Youth Coordinators; (ii) create a forum for learning, sharing and networking on best practices; and ultimately (iii) support and enhance youth’s contribution towards national civic education and good governance. Facilitated by Youth Volunteers at KJFL, speakers at the event included Mr. Felix Cristovão Pinto, Vice Chair of YLDP, Mr. Nino Aitara Almeida, Nasaun, Asaun ba Futuru (NAF) Chair, Mr. Jose Raul, SDGs Youth Ambassador, and Mr. Jose M.C. Belo, Youth Motivator and Peace Building.

The Secretary of State for Youth and Employment, H.E. Mr. Nivio Magalhães stated in the closing ceremony that ‘Timorese youth must become parts of solutions to problems’ and reaffirmed his full support to professional and vocational training initiatives for youth. Meanwhile, UNDP Country Director Mr. Claudio Providas noted that bringing the youth to better participate in the economy of Timor-Leste is critical, and to make this a reality, local youth Suco representatives should be empowered to fulfill their role as actors of social change within their Suco.

This leadership training is expected to increase social cohesion through enhanced engagement between youth from different Sucos, strengthen the role of youth Suco representatives in local decision-making processes, and enhance the capacity of youth Suco representatives to address youth development issues in their local community. This pilot programme is expected to expand to other municipalities in 2018.


Knua Juventude Fila-Liman (KJFL) is a one-stop centre for youth innovation and entrepreneurship, managed and sponsored by UNDP Timor-Leste. At the centre, youth can access information and be trained and empowered through activities to improve their employability and entrepreneurship skills, as well as promoting their voices and engagement in development.

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UNDP Organiza Treinamentu ba Reprezentantes Juventude Konsellu Suco

Iha dia 11 Dezembru, UNDP Knua Juventude Fila-Liman (KJFL) organiza treinamentu loron ida konaba Programa Treinamentu Foinsae iha Dili, ba membru Juventude Konsellu Suco no reprezentante juventude sira.

Konsellu Suco, neebe lidera husi Xefe Suco, halo knar importante hodi mobiliza komunidade lokal sira implementa projeitus neebe ho interese kolektivu, prezerva pas no estabilidade sosial, halo mediasaun ba disputas no konflitus, no kontribui regularmente hodi hadia kondisaun moris povu no progresu sosio-ekonomiku.

Parseria ho organizasaun Youth Leadership Development Program (YLDP), treinamentu refere nia objetivu maka atu (i) fornese komprensaun baziku konaba lideransa komunitaria ba ‘delegada no delegado’ foinsae Suco sira neebe foin eleitu, hamutuk ho Koordernator Juventude Suco sira; (ii) kria forum aprendijazen ida, hodi fahe no estabele ligasaun konaba boas pratikas; (iii) apoiu no hametin kontribuisaun juventude ba edukasaun sivika nasional no boa-governasaun. Fasilita husi voluntariu foinsae sira iha KJFL, oradores iha iventu nee inklui, Sr. Felix Cristovão Pinto, Vise Presidente YLDP, Sr. Nino Aitara Almeida, Xefe Nasaun Asaun Futuru (NAF), Sr. Jose Raul, Embaixador Foinsae ba ODS, no Sr Jose M.C. Belo, Motivador Foinsae no Harii Pas.

Sekretariu Estadu ba Juventude no Traballu, S.E. Nivio Magalhães hateten iha sesaun enseramentu, ‘Foinsae Timor-Leste tenke sai parte husi solusaun ba problema’ no reafirma nia apoiu tomak ba programa treinamentu professional no vokasiona ba juventude. Iha tempu hanesan, Country Director UNDP Sr. Claudio Providas haktuir katak lori juventude sira partisipa diakliu-tan iha ekonomia Timor-Leste nee importante tebes, no atu halo inisiativu ida-nee sai realidade, reprezentante juventude neebe tuur iha Konsellu Suco persiza hetan kapasitasaun diak hodi ezerse sira-funsaun nuudar autor ba mudansa sosial iha sira-nia Suco.

Treinamentu lideransa refere realiza ho intensaun atu hametin koezaun sosial liuhusi hadia involvimentu juventude iha Suco hotu, hasae kapasidade ‘delegada no delegado’ sira, no reprezentante Juventude iha Suco iha prosesu halo desizaun no oinsa atu resolve problema dezenvolvimentu juventude iha sira-nia komunidade. Treinamentu nee mos tuir planu sei lori ba to’o iha munisipiu sira seluk iha tinan 2018.  


Knua Juventude Fila-Liman (KJFL) henesan sentru integradu ba inovasaun no emprendedorizmu foinsae, maneja no fundu husi UNDP Timor-Leste. Iha sentru nee, foinsae sir abele asesu informasaun, hetan treinamentu, no hasae kuñesimentu liuhusi aktividades oioin hodi hadia sira-nia kapasidade professional no emprendedorizmu, promove sira-nia lian nomos involve ativu iha dezenvolvimentu.

UNDP halo parseria ho ema hotu iha nivel hot-hotu iha sosiadade hodi apoiu dezenvolve nasaun ida neebe forte, iha progresu no kontinua hadia qualidade moris ba ema hotu. UNDP serbisu ona iha nasaun no teritoriu 170, no oferese perspetiva global no roman lokal hodi ajuda hakbiit moris no harii nasaun sira-nia reziliente. 

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