The UNDP JSP has provided the LJTC with the support of Mr. Alexandre Coelho, a Senior Pedagogical Advisor

The ‘Continuing Legal Education’ programme, organized by the Legal and Judicial Training Center (LJTC) and supported by the UNDP Justice System Programme (JSP) has provided training to existing judicial and other legal actors from the rule of law institutions.

The programme in June focused on the electoral justice including international convention and constitutional law of the Government of Timor-Leste on elections, electoral crimes and relevant procedures.

The workshop was held at the LJTC in the lead up to the National Parliamentary Election in July 2017 and participated in by legal professionals from the courts, the Public Defender's Office, the Office of the Provedor for Human Rights and Justice and scientific police from across the country.

The subsequent workshops in September-December were centered on the newly legislated land law package and illicit drug trafficking law.

The land laws, in particular, were in high demand for such training as the laws themselves are complicated, and land disputes in the country have been on the rise.

The workshops toured the four judicial districts starting with Oecusse, Suai, Baucau, and finishing in Dili and was participated by legal professionals from the Courts, the Prosecution Office, and the Public Defender's Office.

The UNDP JSP has also provided the LJTC with the support of Mr. Alexandre Coelho, a Senior Pedagogical Adviser, who is contributing to the work of the LJTC in the design and development of training programmes in specialized courses for judges, prosecutors, public defenders and other legal professionals. 

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