150 participants from three municipalities, namely Aileu, Ainaro and Manufahi attended the workshop

Following the launch of the Timor-Leste National Human Development Report 2018 in Dili on 03 April, UNDP has been focusing on ensuring that the report’s findings and recommendations are shared with youth and other key groups across the country to generate nationwide public discussion and debate across all sectors about the issues that will shape the country’s development.

The report measures the subjective dimensions of well-being of youth aged 15-34 based on a nationwide survey and finds that adequate investments in education and training are needed to address a large pool of unemployed youth who feel unprepared for and lack the skills required to access decent employment and calls for several reforms to achieve better quality education and health, and the transformation of economically inactive youth into social entrepreneurs amongst others.

On 06 June, UNDP organised a dissemination workshop in Maubisse with 150 participants from three municipalities, namely Aileu, Ainaro and Manufahi. The participants were greeted by welcoming remarks by UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative Mr. Roy Trivedy, Administrator for Maubisse Administrative Post Sr. Luis Casimiro Lopes and District Administrator for Aileu Municipality Sr. João Tilman do Rego.


Encouraging quotes such as “the lesson from East Timor is that nothing is impossible. If you dream, if you believe, if you have faith, you fight on, you persevere” (José Manuel Ramos-Horta) appeared on banners hanging on the venue’s walls and SDG youth ambassadors Jose Raul De Oliveira Da Silva and Sonya da Costa attended to share inspirational speeches about voluntarism.

UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative Mr. Roy Trivedy told workshop participants: “Today we are reaching out to the local leaders, youth and decision makers outside Dili to present the report’s findings more widely and provide a platform for us to share ideas, success stories and lessons learnt. This workshop will inform the next steps and actions we can develop together to achieve well-being for our youthful population.

The NHDR project team kicked off the workshop with showcasing some of the key findings of the report and presented data on youth’s state of well-being. Several videos were shown and executive and infographic summaries of NHDR were distributed. The videos produced as a part of NHDR conversation series and shown during the workshop included a video interview with French-Timorese Olympian and alpine skier Yohan Goutt Goncalves and a group of youth from Liquica attending a social business camp facilitated by Knua Juventude Fila-Liman (KJFL) on 30 May.


The workshop continued with a session during which guest speakers from local organisations and cooperatives including Hanoin Ba Oin women’s group, Cocomo Café Cooperativa and Project Montanha shared success stories on working with youth to establish sustainable economic opportunities in their municipalities. Local authorities appreciated the work of UNDP, and they were very much inspired by the data and successful business stories shared.

Administrator for Aileu Municipality Sr. João Tilman do Rego said: “This workshop is perfect for inspiring local communities and promoting youth empowerment. Co-operatives are vital for economic mobilisation and promoting development at the community level.”

Administrator for Maubisse Administrative Post Sr. Luis Casimiro Lopes added: “The SDG youth ambassadors who came from Dili to talk to us today are perfect examples of youth leadership. We hope that all youth feel empowered to follow in their footsteps. I am proud to advocate for the role of youth in this municipality.”

During the workshop it was recommended that UNDP should facilitate similar sessions in other municipalities, deliver youth trainings to equip them with skills to participate in local level planning, assist business networking between municipalities where they can share lessons learnt and inspire one another and support activities which promote eco-tourism and livelihoods.

UNDP is committed to continue the work for follow-up actions for youth development and well-being to translate NHDR recommendations into reality and to engage the youth as active participants in the nation’s development process.

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