Strengthening the Institutional Capacity of the National Parliament

About the project

  The National Parliament building in Dili. Photo: Sandra Magno/UNDP TL.  The National Parliament building in Dili. Photo: Sandra Magno/UNDP TL

The constraints of skilled human resources represent the greatest challenge faced by the National Parliament as it works to consolidate the gains achieved since 2002. The functions of legislation, oversight and public outreach need to be enhanced. Parliamentary oversight is inhibited by internal and external challenges such as inefficient records management and limited technical skills to rigorously scrutinize executive programmes and policies with an interdisciplinary perspective. (Lee versaun Tetum iha ne'e)

With this programme, UNDP is focusing on capacity development interventions in the areas of technical knowledge, administration support and assistance to the Secretariat.

Project Goals

  • Strengthen parliamentary operations by bolstering human resources capacity
  • Bolster Parliamentarians’ ability to initiate, draft and scrutinize legislation proposed by the government
  • Strengthen Parliamentarian’s capacity to analyze, debate and approve the national budget as well as provide continuous oversight of government policies, programmes and expenditures
  • Improve inter-parliamentary relations with other Portuguese-speaking countries and pacific region neighbours


Total budget

US$5.23 million (€4 million) The European Union

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