Justice System Programme (JSP)

About the JSP

Mobile Justice Session in Ermera District

The Justice System Programme (JSP) is a comprehensive capacity development programme for the justice sector in Timor-Leste. Launched in 2003, together with the national institutions and with support from international development partners, UNDP’s JSP works to provide a fair, efficient and effective justice system for all, and improve access to justice for the poor and disadvantaged.

Much progress has been made in the justice sector since then. From a newly-independent nation in 2002, with virtually all infrastructure having been destroyed and very limited trained human resources in the justice sector, the achievements obtained so far are remarkable. National institutions are stable and functioning; a total of 65 Timorese judges, Prosecutors and Public Defenders have graduated from the Legal Judicial Training Centre, while the Courts, Prosecution Office and Public Defender’s Office are processing cases; numerous laws and procedures to strengthen the rule of law and to improve coordination among the justice institutions have been developed.

The JSP Phase IV (2014-2018), launched in January 2014, was defined in conjunction with the Council of Coordination for the Justice Sector, which serves as the JSP Project Steering Committee with the participation of UNDP, and fully aligns with the country’s Justice Sector Strategic Plan (2011-2030) five priority areas of institutional development; legal reform and framework; human resources development; infrastructure; and IT and access to justice. While past phases have largely focused on international technical assistance to individual institutions for their respective competencies, the current phase focuses on promoting a more sector-wide approach and increased cooperation across the sector anchored around consolidating and improving national capacities with the ultimate goal of reducing reliance on international actors to the minimum. 

Project goals

  • Coordination, management and oversight capacities of justice institutions enhanced for more effective and efficient formulation and implementation of laws, plans and overall administration of justice.
  • Capacity of justice sector strengthened and expanded to provide quality services and uphold the rule of law.
  • Improved access to justice and dispute resolution mechanisms for all with a focus on women and more vulnerable populations.
  • Coordination, co-operation and integrated systems between justice, police, communities and corrections supported in a “pilot – scale up access to justice district model”.


Total budget Donors
US$ 13,089,191 (US$ 9,026,191 unfunded) Australia, Brazil (in-kind support), Japan, Republic of Korea, Norway, Portugal (in-kind and financial support), UNDP Regional Bureau for Asia and Pacific (RBAP), UNDP Bureau for Crisis Prevention and Recovery (BCPR), UNDP TRAC

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