Leveraging Electoral Assistance for Regionalized Nation-Building (LEARN)

About LEARN project


The UNDP project entitled Leveraging Electoral Assistance for Regionalized Nation-Building (LEARN), funded by the Government of Japan and Korea, builds on the achievements of previous UNDP electoral assistance projects and aims to provide technical assistance to Timorese Electoral Management Bodies (EMBs) throughout the entire electoral cycle, with a strong focus on civic and voter education, taking into account support already provided to Suco (village) elections in 2016 and Presidential and Parliamentary elections in 2017.

LEARN project supports a variety of actors, including Electoral Management Bodies (EMBs), civil society organizations and the media. The programme includes technical assistance to the EMBs as well as support to voter education, the political participation of women and youth and political journalism.

Project goals

  • Enhanced civic knowledge, awareness, and engagement of citizens in local and national democratic processes

  • Increased political participation of women and youth at the local and national level

  • Enhanced institutional capacity of EMBs to manage and implement national and local elections through an electoral cycle approach

  • Increased sustainability of voter registration and electoral results management systems


  Total  budget  LEARN           

JAPAN contribution  

                                    KOREA contribution   Timor-Leste Government Contribution                             

USD 4,309,995

2,684,995 USD

1,500,000 USD

125,000 USD

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