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Sport Activity for Conflict Prevention and Peace Building

Dili – More than 400 local athletes and spectators from Rai-Nain in the Bairo-Pite suco, Dili, gathered on the local football court today for the closing ceremonies of the Game for Peace, a community event intended to encourage peace and unity. The month-long competition was sponsored by the Departmmore


Community Dialogue Moves People to Tears and Action

29 July 2013, Pairara suco, Lautem District– Belita dos Santos soft brown eyes swelled with tears as she watched a man shove and scream at his wife and beat his daughter. Having drunk away the family’s money, he had been unable to pay for the young girl’s schooling, which was an ongoing source of cmore


Community seals deal to halt conflict

Metinaro – Long running violence in a rural village just outside Timor-Leste’s capital ended recently here with a dance, a prayer, a speech, and the sacrifice of a goat and a pig. (Lee versaun Tetum iha ne'e) For years, rival youth groups in two communities in the hilly sub-district of Metinaro, fomore


Forum Theatre Helps Move Communities from Conflict to Conversation

Since the restoration of independence in 2002, Timor-Leste has done a remarkable job in overcoming the numerous and enormous challenges of a new and conflict-affected nation. However, the lingering impact of Timor-Leste’s history of conflict and upheaval, as well as the habitual and increasing volamore


Rope pump brings water to people of Duyung

Metinaro – “To get water has always been a struggle here in our village,” says Augusto Soares Correia, a farmer and father of five, from Metinaro, an hour south of the capital Dili. (Lee versaun Tetum iha ne'e) “We managed to dig wells but it was still a lot of work to bring the water up using justmore


Traditional ceremony helps establish peace in troubled villages

Quelicai – Manuel de Carvalho stands amongst a crowd of onlookers looking up at a helicopter coming in to land at the foot of Mount Matebian. (Lee versaun Tetum iha ne'e) As the helicopter doors open onto a field near the Laisorulai village primary school, the dignitaries disembark. They have come more


Training of Trainers: MSS and UNDP Workshop on Building Disaster-Resilient Homes

04 Oct 2013

Dili –Constructing disaster-resilient homes protects communities from the destructive forces of the climate-induced disasters often experienced throughout Timor-Leste. Establishing a network of knowledgeable men and women able to build and to train others to build safer, disaster-resilient housing hmore

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