Poverty Reduction

One out of every two Timorese currently lives below the national poverty line. Unemployment is high, employment opportunities in the formal sector are generally limited, and job creation by the private sector falls far short of demand. The majority of the population have no consistent earnings and many are subsistence farmers.

UNDP’s work in poverty reduction focuses on improving the economic opportunities that help people to lift themselves and their families out of poverty through sustainable livelihoods programmes, social business enterprises and access to financial services. This approach supports the objectives of the Timor-Leste government’s current 20-year Strategic Development Plan.more

Self-help group

Members of a rural self-help group meet to support each other and provide small loans within the group. Photo Reinaldo Soares/UNDP TL

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Community Mobilization for Poverty Alleviation & Social Inclusion in Service Delivery (COMPASIS)

The project aims to protect poor households in the districts of Ermera and Oecusse, by mobilising communities to tackle poverty, hunger, poor health, illiteracy and social exclusion. more

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