Civil security guards trained to protect public buildings

Jun 25, 2012

Dili – Unarmed civil security guards today completed the final stage of a training programme designed to help them protect public buildings effectively.

As part of the training, staff from the National Directorate of Security of Public Buildings (DNSEP) received self-defence instruction from French police officers.

“We learned a lot of new techniques on how to deal with security issues that may arise, or when faced with aggressive behaviour,” said Adao Maria Ximenes, one of the course participants.

The training gave civil security services employees a better understanding of their roles and responsibilities, based on international standards and best practices.

It also helped staff recognise where their role stops, and where the role of the national police begins.

“The training provides us with the knowledge and the ability to carry out our daily work, in line with legal procedures and international standards,” said Jose Alves Caldo, another member of staff taking part in the training.

The programme developed a training curriculum and provided equipment to DNSEP, to ensure that training is ongoing.

The programme also established a training unit within DNSEP, so that future training can be conducted without external support.

Since the first phase of the programme, 129 DNSEP staff received training and 39 DNSEP personnel are now accredited as instructors.

The civil security services’ training was organised and funded by UNDP, UNMIT and the Government of France.