Training tackles human trafficking

Jul 20, 2012

imageParticipants at the end of the 3-day training. Photo PDHJ

Dili – Staff from the Provedor for Human Rights and Justice (PDHJ) and local NGOs today completed a three-day training-of-trainers’ course on combating human trafficking.

The training was organized by UNDP/OHCHR Capacity Building Project with technical assistance from IOM.

Participants learned advocacy strategies and how to develop materials for community leaders, the national police (PNTL) and the military to combat human trafficking.

“This training is an important activity to support PDHJ in protecting the rights of vulnerable people,” said Deputy Provedor, Rui Santos.

“It will strengthen the knowledge of public authorities,” he said.

The National Intelligence Service, PNTL, members of the Timorese judiciary and the Migration Service, along with NGOs Alola Foundation and Fundasaun Mahein presented at the training.

Participants at the training included representatives of the NGOs Pradet, Rede Feto, HAK Association and AMKV.

The 18 participants, half of whom are women, will share their new knowledge of human trafficking with their colleagues and civil society in Timor-Leste.

According to statistics from IOM, there were 33 cases of international human trafficking into Timor-Leste in the period 2008-2011, 14 involving women and 19 involving men. Nineteen of these were cases of forced labour and 12 involved sexual exploitation.

The UNDP/OHCHR Capacity Development for the PDHJ project is a multi-donor project initiated by UNDP, OHCHR and the PDHJ. It is supported by SIDA, the Government of New Zealand, Irish Aid and OHCHR. The project aims to support the PDHJ to develop effective programs in accordance with its human rights mandate.