Financial and budget training for Parliament members

Sep 28, 2012

Dili – Members of Timor-Leste’s National Parliament received training last week to help them better understand public finances and budget procedures.

Prominent parliamentarians and members of the Public Finance Committee took part in a two-day training aimed at familiarizing new members with financial concepts.

“It’s important that we take this time now to understand and explore the concepts we will need to understand perform our role, as there is only a short time until we will be debating the 2012 Budget Ratification in the Parliament plenary,” said Committee President, Virgilio Marcal.

First Vice-President of the National Parliament, Adriano Nascimento formally opened the seminar and highlighted the importance of Committee C’s work in analysing the 2012 Budget Ratification and the 2013 General State Budget.

“The third legislature of the National Parliament and Committee C have many new members so it is important for them to clearly understand public finances so they can debate effectively in Parliament,” he said.

The two-day event examined issues including public finances, budget policy, taxes, audits, Petroleum Fund revenues, the role of the World Bank, external debt and public finances.

The event was organized by Committee C of the National Parliament with the support of international budget and finance specialist, Margarida Rodrigues, within the framework of the Strengthening the Institutional Capacity of the National Parliament in Timor-Leste project. The project is implemented by UNDP and funded by the European Union.

“The information shared is extremely important for them to understand so that they can carry out their public finances oversight responsibilities,” said UNDP-EU Advisor, Margarida Rodrigues.

“I’m very pleased with the panel discussions that were held and the overall result of the seminar, which was to strengthen the ability of Committee members to perform their role effectively,” she said.