Parliament Staff Strengthen Budget Oversight Skills

Oct 9, 2013

imageParticipants taking the examination on the last day of training. Photo: UNDP TL

Dili - Fifteen staff members of the National Parliament completed a three-day intensive budget training designed to enhance their capacity to exercise oversight of the government’s budgeting process before the Members of Parliament start discussion on the 2014 budget.

The participants reviewed the basic theories and concepts of economics and public finance that they learned during a previous training held earlier this year. They then learned how to apply their knowledge to analyze the government’s budget by referring to budget execution reports, budgetary law and other materials. Both trainings were presented as part of UNDP’s multi-year project “Strengthening the Institutional Capacity of the National Parliament of Timor-Leste”, funded by the European Union.

“The previous training was mostly theoretical but this time was more practical because we were dealing with real cases”, said Manuel Chradus, Staff for Committee C. “I feel that the knowledge I gained is applicable to our daily work’’,

Participants included budget analysts, researchers and specialists from different Parliamentary committees. Throughout the three-day training they sat together and taught each other to solve practical cases. On the last day they all took a one-hour written examination to test their understanding.

“In addition to practical knowledge, the training also aimed at team-building among staff from different departments”, said Margarida Rodrigues, the EU-funded Finance and Budget specialist, who led the training. “If they get to know each other in this setting, they will be able to teach one another back in their office.’’

“We all gained an in-depth understanding about macroeconomics and are now more aware of how to use this knowledge in analyzing the budget,” said Zelia da Costa, Budget Analyst. “I hope to have more training opportunities to be able to provide better analysis for the Parliament.’’

For more information about the training, please contact Cesar Dias Quintas, Project Manager of the UNDP Parliament Project, at