The water supply infrastructure will benefit 1,332 people in two aldeias.

Access to clean water is a significant problem faced by communities living in rural areas. The Government has made significant efforts towards addressing this issue but it remains a major concern for rural communities. (Lee versaun Tetum iha ne'e)

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) as one of the major partners of the Government Timor-Leste has implemented several activities to respond to the needs of rural communities needs through a water supply project in four villages in the four municipalities of Aileu, Ainaro, Manufahi and Ermera.

The project aims to ensure community access to clean water, as well as strengthen resilience to climate change and natural disasters.

On 22 and 24 of January 2018 two water supply projects at aldeia Turisai in Madabeno village, Aileu and aldeia Carbulau in Holarua village, Manufahi were inaugurated by the Minister of Social Solidarity, H.E. Dra. Florentina da Conceição Pereira Martins Smith and Vice Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, H.E. Deolindo da Silva, accompanied by UNDP Country Director Mr. Claudio Providas, general directors from line ministries and municipality administrators.

“We thank UNDP for their kind effort to support this project at aldeia Carbulau, Holarua village and we expect that similar projects can be implemented in other aldeia within this village,” said Mr. João Corte-Real, Holarua village chief.

“For a long time we needed to carry water for a  long distance down a hill but now things have improved,” said Mr. Joåo Martins Sarmento, a community beneficiary.

“We will use this water for washing, bathing our children before they leave for school and most importantly we are planning improve our toilet to create better hygiene and health.”

Most of community in aldeia Turisai and Carbulau are farmers and their main income comes from selling coffee, beans, vegetables, fruit and corn.

This water supply project is implemented under the top-up grants mechanism with implementation led by community groups with technical assistance from municipality water and sanitation services, municipality administrator, chief of villages and UNDP staff.

This water supply infrastructure will benefit 1,332 people in the two aldeias.

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