Institutional Improved Cook Stove (ICS) Distribution Event

Institutional Improved Cook Stove (ICS) Distribution Event

The most important beneficiaries of the improved cook stoves – cooking staff of the school

Energy efficient and environment friendly cookstoves for school feeding program were distributed at Escola Basica Central Publica School in Hautemac, Manatuto through UNDP-GEF “Promoting Sustainable Bio-Energy through Biomass Production in Timor-Leste” on 27 October 2016.

In collaboration with UNDP and the Ministry of Public Works, Transportation and Communication, Mercy Corp, implementing partner of the project is distributing 20 institutional Cook Stoves (ICS) in different schools of Timor-Leste. The event was attended by students, teachers and cooking staff of the school as well as representatives of local education authorities, UNDP and Mercy Corps.

“The improved cook stoves distributed today were specially designed for institutional uses like this school,” said Ms. Graziela Xavier, project manager of Mercy Corps, “These institutional cook stoves are expected to reduce the amount of firewood and save time for cooking. The traditional three-stone stove is not only inefficient but also makes lots of smoke, which harms women’s health.”

Mr. Livio Xavier (Programme Officer, UNDP) is handing over the institutional improved cook stoves to the vice principal of the school.

Ms. Graziela Xavier (Project Manager, Mercy Corps) is introducing institutional cook stoves to the participants.

On the same occasion, Mr. Livio Xavier UNDP Programme Officer added that “the production and distribution of improved cook stoves aim to promote the use of clean energy and reduce the use of firewood for cooking. We expect to produce the cook stoves for 1,500 households, 8 businesses such as bakeries that use firewood and 20 public institutions particularly schools that implement the school feeding program.”

Traditional three-stone cook stove currently in use

UNDP supported improved cook stove

Two institutional cook stoves were installed today in the school’s kitchen and it is expected to contribute to feeding 471 students of the school with less firewood consumption and less indoor air pollution.

According to a beneficiary from a school in Ermera that is using the institutional cook stoves, the improved cook stoves are more efficient than the traditional three-stone cook stove and up to now no complaint has been reported by the users.    

With beneficiaries of the improved cook stove


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