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Environmental & Energy Development Challenges 

Timor-Leste is a small island with a fragile natural resource base facing significant environmental challenges caused by both direct human activity within the area and global consequences of Climate Change. Its unique biodiversity and rich natural resources are threatened by Climate Change and over-exploitation. With limited environmental legislation, unsustainable use of natural resources, low awareness about the causes and impact of climate change and  underdeveloped waste management practices, biodiversity is lost, land and forest are degraded and air and water has been polluted. In the energy sector, Timor-Leste remains highly oil dependent, ensuring long-term clean and secure energy use remains a major challenge for the country’s sustainable development.

Partnership for green solutions 

UNDP assists Timor-Leste to expand access to green solutions and make environmental issues an integral part of development. We promote sustainable environmental management, climate actio and disaster risk reduction. Our partnership with the Government, local authorities, research institutions, private sector and communities allows us to assist in the doption of sustainable policies, carry out comprehensive research and roll out green initiatives in every region of Timor-Leste. 

Programmes and Initiatives

GCF Readiness Support to Timor-Leste
Second National Communication to the UNFCCC
Promoting Sustainable Bio-energy Production from Biomass

4,000 households

have accessed improved cookstoves produced with undp's support

The Sustainable Bioenergy Production from Biomass (SBEPB) Project focuses on the promotion and use of biomass energy resources for the provision of energy access and services in rural areas.

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