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Twenty-two laptops, twenty-two multi-port adaptors, four screens, and two UPS, along with the Microsoft Office package, will be of use for the institution to establish various new IT solutions to prevent and curb corruption and ensure continuity of its core functions.

Dili, Timor-Leste, June 7, 2021

On Tuesday, the European Union (EU) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) handed over a range of ICT equipment to the Commission of Anti-Corruption (CAC). Replacing outdated operating systems and software, this support is expected to strengthen the institution’s digital capacity, especially in the time when most staff have to work remotely from home.  

This initiative is part of the institutional capacity development and COVID-19 response within the EU-UNDP Project Pro-PALOP. The project aims to strengthen the effective governance of the Portuguese-speaking countries in Africa and Timor-Leste that shares the similar legislative framework. For CAC, the project assists the development of the Anti-Corruption Strategy and outreach campaigns to prevent corruption, along with the ICT support.

CAC is a relatively new institution in Timor-Leste (established in 2010) and faces an increasing role in monitoring the state resources. Along with other oversight institutions, the CAC’s role in preventing and combating corruption has been highlighted since the adoption of the Anti-Corruption Law in 2020. The ICT support is thus regarded as highly timely and relevant to CAC.

EU Ambassador H.E. Andrew Jacobs stated that governance is the focus support area of the EU and acknowledged the CAC’s contribution in reinforcing good governance. UNDP Resident Representative Ms. Munkhtuya Altangeral hoped for this support to help better communication and develop into digitalization of the work in the future. Appreciating the support, CAC Commissioner H.E. Dr. Sergio Hornai stressed that supporting the CAC was equivalent to strengthening the integrity of other state institutions.

The UNDP in Timor-Leste has supported the CAC since its inception stage by providing training to the workforce. Recent UNDP support to CAC has been focusing on the prevention aspect, such as developing an anti-corruption diagnostic assessment and training manuals and conducting outreach campaigns for both civil servants and the public. 

Note to the editor

The ICT equipment support to CAC is part of the “Programa para a Consolidação da Governação Económica e Sistemas de Gestão das Finanças Públicas nos PALOP-TL – Fase II, both co-financed by the European Union and UNDP.  For more information contact: Bruno Lencastre, bruno.lencastre@undp.org, +670 7734 5133 or Sora Chung, sora.chung@undp.org, +670 7762 5727

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