The Training of Trainers for OBI at Schools’ teachers

Oé-Cusse, Timor-Leste on March 10th, 2022

On the 10th of March of 2022, the Regional Secretary for Education and Social Solidarity (SRESS) of RAEOA Ms. Abelina da Costa formally opened the Training of Trainers for OBI at Schools’ Teachers in Maxorilin Hotel, Pante Macassar, Oé-Cusse. The Oé-Cusse Business Incubator (OBI) at School initiative was established by RAEOA-ZEESM TL, through the Regional Secretariat for Commerce and Industry, and Regional Secretariat for Education and Social Solidarity, in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). The initiative aims to develop the fundamental entrepreneurial skills in students aged between 10-12 and 15-18 in Oé-Cusse. It also specifically intends to improve teachers’ capacity to deliver financial education in order to empower and equip young people with the basic knowledge and skills in finance and business that will allow them to make effective decision in business management. Students completed the extracurricular are expected to have better skills on teamwork, critical thinking, creativity, opinion sharing, social responsibility, conscious consumption, respect for others.

The Training of Trainers for OBI at Schools’ teachers is crucial for the effectiveness of basic financial and business education classes. It is important to ensure the understanding of financial literacy, business world skills, and education ideas, as well as self-confidence and motivation. The TOT equips teachers with the structure of the course, financial concepts and didactic activities, lesson planning methodology, the questionnaire application, and discusses the current situation of financial education and literacy in Timor-Leste. The training also would motivate and prepare teachers to use local resources available for basic financial education and foster teachers’ independence and future continuity of the initiative.

In her opening remarks, Ms. Abelina da Costa mentioned the importance of basic financial literacy, business, and life skills for students. She also encouraged teachers to fully focus on the TOT so they could share knowledge and skills gained in the training to their students. The Project Manager of UNDP ZEESM TL, Ms. Patricia Porras, highlighted the importance on implementing OBI at school program to develop financial literacy at the early stage.


For further information on the Oé-Cusse Business Incubator you may contact Mr. Samuel Poli at or 78458334.

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